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    Dogs and children may be born with a certain fear for some huge things, so when children see some larger dogs for the first time, they will be very frightened. Even if the dogs have no malice, the children will still be very frightened or shout. But this situation can be improved completely, the key is to see how parents educate.

    In fact, how children’s attitude towards dogs has a great relationship with their parents’ education. Now many children cry out when they see dogs outside. This is because they don’t want dogs at home, so they seldom contact with dogs at ordinary times, so they don’t know much about dogs. So when they see dogs, they are used to having some fear. And when many parents take their children out, when they see the dog, they will habitually keep the child away from the dog, because they are afraid that the dog will be too fierce, which will cause harm to their children. Of course, this is also human nature, after all, they are afraid of their children injured. But it will leave an impression on children that dogs are dangerous, so parents will keep themselves away from them, which will only make them more afraid of dogs. So it’s very important for parents to deal with this problem. In fact, we don’t need to be so careful, because most dogs are under the control of their owners. If the owners are worried, they can go up and test the dogs themselves first.

    If the dogs are too fierce, they can take their children away. But for dogs with gentle personalities like golden hair and Labrador, we can completely let them get along with the dog for a while, so that the child will gradually understand the dog, and know that they are not so scary, so that the next time they see the dog, they will not be so panic, and the child’s liking for the dog will be improved. In this way, if you want to raise a dog, you can solve the problem that children are afraid of dogs.

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