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    Most dogs can be good playmates with children, such as gentle golden hair, Labrador, warm and loyal French Bulldog, etc. are more suitable for playing with children. Since there is a fit, there must be an unfitness, such as the seemingly lovely but actually indifferent colossus dog, the reckless and incessant Scottish Terrier (detailed introduction), etc. So can husky, who is famous for being crazy, get along well with his children? What should he pay attention to when he gets along?

    Husky himself is more playful, and has a strong curiosity. They are also curious about children, and they are famous for being crazy, so it is likely that there will be a situation of rampage, so the chance of knocking children down will be greatly increased. So if the child is still young, then we must do a good job in the management of husky. Let them obey the command and train them to be still. Let them get along with their children. If they have incorrect behaviors, they should correct them in time. Of course, in addition to certain requirements for dogs, children should also be educated well. When children get along with dogs, they often don’t know the importance of starting, and when most children play, they are likely to hit dogs, of course, this is not malicious. But dogs don’t think so, and husky is not as gentle as golden hair. If he has a pain, it is likely to pose a threat to his children.

    Husky can also get along well with children. If his husky is very excitable, it’s better to ensure his sitting posture when he gets along with children. If he can get along with “baby” friendly, the host should give him verbal or material rewards. Let the dog feel “it’s good to meet the child.”. But even if the dog can get along well with the child, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the child is placed outside the dog’s sphere of influence. The dog does not have the idea of attacking the baby, but the possibility of accidentally injuring the baby still exists. If the child is still in the state of being able to crawl on his own, he should pay special attention to the possibility of using the dog as his own toy. With increased exposure, there are more opportunities for injuries and accidents. Pay close attention to their every move at this time.

    Pay attention to the following points:
    1. Don’t let children chase dogs; 2. Don’t let children tease dogs. At home, let the dog get used to what the child does in advance, that is, it doesn’t matter to use brute force to hold it and press it. The specific method is: in the dog’s relatively calm state, give the stimulation of touching the ears and tail, so that if the dog has no response, praise it and give it delicious. Repeat training to strengthen the pattern of “touch ears and tail = have something to eat = good thing”. It is appropriate to keep a dog from birth to newborn and early childhood. This period is also a good time for dogs to familiarize themselves with their children. Because there is no tendency to attack during this period, it is only necessary to manage the dogs unilaterally.

    Husky is lively and active, so when the dog is with the child, the owner should take care of the dog first, do not let the dog collide, and correct it in time if found. In fact, in most cases, it’s not as bad as we think to let children get along with husky. On the contrary, many husky can take care of children very well. So the dog’s behavior has a lot to do with the owner’s instruction. Usually, dogs are trained well, so it’s no problem to let husky get along with children.

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