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    We usually see a lot of long haired dogs with a reddish brown under their eyes, which is very damaging to the beauty of dogs, especially the long haired dogs. This is actually because long haired dogs have more hair, which is easy to irritate the eyes and produce eye droppings. So it’s important to clean up the dog’s eye droppings.

    Dog eye droppings are just like human eye droppings. They can be found in dogs with normal or problematic eyes. Usually, dog eye droppings are light colored and turn brown when they are dry. Sometimes, they form a hard mass at the inner corner of the eye, which is easy to clean. The dogs that are easy to tear because of eye excrement are Bichon, Ancient shepherd, Polly, long bearded shepherd, Chow and so on. This kind of dog is characterized by large eyes, long hair around the eyes and light hair color.
    If it is a normal dog, there is no problem with the eyes, but there is a lot of eye droppings, so it is important to clean up the dog’s eye droppings in time. Although the sensitivity of dog’s eyes is far worse than that of human’s, it will definitely stimulate the eyes when the hair enters the eyes, so long haired dogs are easy to produce brown or more eye excrement. So first of all, when we clean the dog’s eye excrement, we also need to trim the hair around the dog’s eyes. Once the dog’s hair under the eyes is dyed reddish brown by the eye droppings, it’s more difficult to wash it off.
    In another case, if the dog suddenly produces a lot of brown eye droppings, it means there is something wrong with the eyes. When there is a problem with the dog’s eyes, there will be a lot of dog’s excrement and the color will be very deep and turbid, not only focusing on the corner of the eye, but also around the eyes. There are many reasons. It may be due to diet, too much internal organs, or irritation of the eyes. Of course, it may also be due to more serious diseases. These health problems will be reflected in eye droppings, so dog eye droppings is also a problem that can not be ignored.

    Treatment. If dog’s eye droppings suddenly increase, you need to pay attention to it, to see if the dog’s eyes are in tears, to see if the eyes are particularly red. You can give it some chloromycetin eye drops for human use. Generally, it will work for inflammation caused by small stimulation. Usually in a day, the dog will soon get better with a lot of droppings, tears and red eyes. If there is no sign of improvement after a day or two, you need to take the dog to see a doctor.
    So the dog has eye droppings for the owner is also a very need to pay attention to things that affect the beauty of the dog is not good.

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