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    The hot summer is coming again. At this time, the dog suffers. Because the dog skin has no sweat glands, it can only dissipate heat through the tongue and the sole of the foot, and Teddy dog is a relatively delicate dog, so we should pay more attention to heatstroke prevention work, otherwise the dog is prone to heatstroke.
    First of all, prevention is necessary. The first choice is to walk the dog in the morning or in the evening when it is not too hot. Second, you should be ready to go out. You must bring enough drinking water. Regular water replenishment is the best way to prevent heatstroke. Third, it is repeatedly stressed that dogs must not be left alone in the car. Exposure to the sun and sultry heat is fatal to dogs.
    If it is found that it is difficult to breathe, open its mouth and gasp; if the temperature rises and the heart rate accelerates, there will be foam in its mouth; if it walks and shakes, it will lose its balance, and the dog has heatstroke. At this time, the owner should not wait for the veterinarian, but take measures first.
    First, remove the white foam from the dog’s mouth, take it to a cool place and feed a lot of water. If possible, turn on the electric fan to cool the dog immediately. Cold compress the head with wet towel, and constantly humidify the back, it is better to put it in a cold water basin to cool down. See a doctor immediately after the situation is stable. Remember to find a car with air conditioning. The point to be reminded here is that ice water should not be used to cool down, which not only fails to work, but also backfires.
    Dogs are very prone to heatstroke in summer, so prevention and first aid are very important. It is reminded that dog parents can pay attention to the above precautions and learn some first-aid measures to ensure that his dog can spend the summer safely.

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