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    If they accidentally eat spoiled food, it will lead to diarrhea. Although dogs have a certain IQ, even the “Border Collie” with the highest IQ in the “famous dog ranking” is the same as the human 6-8-year-old age group. Like children, they don’t know which foods are suitable for their own eating and which are not suitable for their own eating. As long as they can see what others eat, they want to have a taste. This is a common disease of dogs 。 So once the dog eats the wrong thing, the right way to deal with “what to do if the dog has diarrhea” is to find the cause and prescribe the right medicine.

    “How to do dog diarrhea” need to find out the cause and prescribe the right medicine: diarrhea caused by cold “how to do dog diarrhea”? In fact, this is very common. Once dogs get cold, they are prone to “runny nose” and “laxity”, If the dog has diarrhea due to the cold, the owner should do a good job in keeping the dog warm. In addition, if the number of “diarrhea” is more, the owner should take the dog to the hospital for examination. Dogs are different from human beings. Their “resistance” is very poor. Sometimes, small problems like “diarrhea” will cause great harm to their health. So, usually the owner needs to worry about his dog’s health.

    Eat a high fat, salt high food caused by diarrhea “how to dog diarrhea”? Although most of the food that people eat can be eaten by dogs, it should be noted that food with high fat or salt content is not suitable for dogs. Especially the food with high salt content, once the dog eats it, it will cause serious hair loss. In addition, “salt high, fat high” food dogs eat more will have diarrhea. If the symptoms are mild, stop eating these leftovers for the dogs, and feed them with “nutritious and easy to absorb” food, such as “boiled beef”, but pay attention not to put salt.

    Diarrhea caused by enteritis “what should dogs do with diarrhea?” if dogs have diarrhea accompanied by bloody stool and fever, then the possibility of enteritis is very high. If this happens, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately.

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