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    It is not only a simple beauty for the dog, but also a certain benefit for the dog’s health. First of all, taking a bath can remove the dirt and dust left on the dog. Second, taking a bath regularly can avoid the problem of excessive parasite breeding. Some owners like to bathe their dogs at home, while some owners don’t trust to send them to the pet beauty shop to bathe them. But whether it’s washing at home or taking a bath outside, some important problems still need our attention.

    1. The frequency of bathing should not be too high. Generally, small dogs should be washed once every 2-3 weeks, and large dogs should be washed once every 3 weeks or a month. Human skin is slightly acidic, while dog skin is slightly alkaline, which is totally different from human skin in structure and texture. It is much thinner than human skin. Frequent bathing will destroy its natural protective oil and cause a variety of skin diseases.
    2. Choose the right bath lotion. Due to the different pH value of human skin and dog skin, what people use will make the dog skin dry, aged and depilated. Use pet shampoo, do not use their own bath milk to make a living, so as not to damage the acid-base balance of the dog’s coat.
    3. Things to prepare for bathing: Bath solution for dogs (shampoo), water blower, absorbent towel, comb (one for each of needle comb and row comb), electric razor (for shaving foot hair), cotton, hemostatic forceps (for pulling out ears after washing). Use dog shampoo.
    4. Bath steps: Take it out for a walk before taking a bath, let it discharge urine and defecate, and then comb the hair with a comb, so that the knotted hair can be combed, otherwise it will become more troublesome after being wet by the hair, and it is not conducive to drying. Then help the dog to squeeze the anal gland first, because the dirt of the anal gland is very smelly. If you squeeze it after washing, it will affect the taste of the dog. The next step is to wet the dog’s coat. The order of wet coat is first the body and limbs, then the head. The order of washing after applying body wash is first the head, then the body and limbs. After that, rinse with water. After washing, dry the dog’s coat with absorbent towel as much as possible, so as to reduce the blowing time. After wiping off the water on the body surface, use a hair dryer and a comb to dry and finish it. Be sure to dry it completely and not carelessly. After drying, clean the ears with a absorbent cotton ball and shave the sole with a push. Bring your own absorbent towel.

    Take your dog out to take a bath:
    1. The choice of pet shop: environmental health is very important. If you look inside it, it’s better not to go to the beauty shop.
    2. Some people like to put the dog in the pet shop and pick it up after washing. Unless you are a regular customer of the pet store, it is not recommended to do so. The dog takes a bath in the pet store, and the owner is better to watch outside. The advantage is that if there is any accident, you can deal with it in time. Because some dogs are very attached to their owners. If the owners are not watching, they may not cooperate with each other in the bath. If they are too excited, they may bite the staff inside. So the owners can bring a certain sense of security to the dogs.
    3. Bath solution, bath towel and comb should be brought by yourself. It’s impossible for a pet shop to prepare a towel for all dogs, so it’s hard to ensure that these towels have not been used by dogs with skin diseases, so it’s better to bring them with you.
    4. After drying, wipe the inside of the ear, shave the bottom of the foot, and then decide whether to cut the nail according to the situation (these are generally included in the cost of bathing, some pet shops, if you don’t mention it, she won’t take the initiative to do it).
    5. Inspection: reach into the innermost part of the dog’s hair, and check whether the hair is dried, especially the inner side of the limbs.

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