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    The needle comb is thin, so it can comb some slightly knotted hairs well, but it is not very suitable to solve the situation of serious knotting because of its softness. The comb is thin and the head is sharp, so it is not suitable for dogs with soft and straight fur like marcis, because the skin of dogs may be scratched accidentally. Therefore, the needle comb is more suitable for dogs with hard and fluffy coat, such as Teddy, schnauzer, etc.

    There are different sizes of combs, so it’s still necessary to choose the right combs according to the dog’s body shape. Usually, the very small ones are used to comb the hair of the very small dogs or cats. Comb your dog’s hair, especially for large dogs. It’s better to choose a large area of needle comb with a metal base plate at the back, so it will be easier to comb your dog’s hair, and the dog will be more comfortable. When using the needle comb to comb the dog’s hair, it should be reversed and combed layer by layer. When using the needle comb to comb the dog’s hair, it can’t be combed from top to bottom like we use the general comb. Because the needle of the comb is generally short, it can’t reach the root of the dog’s hair when combing from the dog’s hair surface up, but don’t comb directly against the skin, which will easily cause damage to the dog’s skin. When using the needle comb, the dog’s hair can be loosened and scattered layer by layer from the root of the hair, so as to really comb the dog’s hair. Some owners are really very attentive to comb their dogs’ hair. However, due to improper grooming methods, they always comb the upper part of the dog’s hair, while the lower part of the dog’s hair is still in a knot state, so over time, the dog’s hair knot is still quite serious.

    Be careful not to scratch your dog or yourself Pay attention not to let the tip of the needle comb hurt the dog and his hand. The tip of the needle comb is very sharp, and the skin of the dog is generally thick and not easy to be hurt. But when you comb to some special parts, you should be careful, such as around the dog’s eyes, under the ears, belly, etc., where the skin is thin. If you put too much force on it, it is easy to pierce the dog and make it It can cause discomfort and injury. In addition, I need to remind you that you should also be careful not to pierce your hand. Because we need to hold the dog’s body, or hold the hair in one hand, and use the needle in the other hand to comb the hair layer by layer, so that it is easier to comb the hand holding the hair, so whether it is the safety of the dog’s skin or its own safety should be paid special attention.

    So master the strength and depth of combing, so as to ensure safety and comb the dog well. It should also be noted that every time after combing the dog’s hair, it is necessary to clean the needle comb. After cleaning the miscellaneous hair, it is better to clean it again. Some owners may think that not cleaning in time will not have much impact on the dog’s health, but if it does for a long time, the bacteria will grow slowly.

    Combing once at that time is equivalent to leaving some bacteria on the dog, which will cause skin diseases over time, so even cleaning the needle comb is a rather heavy step.

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