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    It is closely related to the dog’s health whether the correct feeding method is adopted or not, so the first thing we need to do to ensure the dog’s health is their diet. So what should we pay attention to when feeding dogs? First of all, we must be accurate in the choice of food, and then the feeding method must be fixed at a fixed time.

    Just like human beings, dogs need to take in proper amount of protein, fat, sugar, 13 kinds of vitamins and 20 kinds of minerals. The intake of these nutrients should not only be appropriate, but also the proportion between them should be appropriate. Only in this way can we ensure complete nutrition and balanced diet. If you cook for your dog, you must understand its specific nutritional needs, the nutritional value of different foods, and the dog’s eating habits, as well as the methods of food production and storage. Different methods of food treatment will affect the content of nutrients. All this requires a lot of time, energy and expertise.

    In contrast, dog food is nutritious, convenient to use and easy to preserve. Many old people love dogs. They think the dog food is dry and tasteless. In many large supermarkets, the price of dog food is not higher than the cost of cooking every day. It is nutritious and simple. You can also introduce your dog’s eating knowledge, find their agents and find more economical ways according to the contact methods published on the packing bag. Of course, like all commodities, dog food is also divided into different grades, which is also a penny a penny. If you choose the lowest grade dog food on the market, you need to supplement the dog with extra calcium tablets for pets, and supplement one cod liver oil with vitamins every day. Some people like to eat bones and drink bone soup for puppies. In fact, it can’t supplement calcium. Like a greedy child, a dog’s gluttony is not necessarily good for him. The master must not indulge. We should change the old and unscientific feeding concepts and habits as soon as possible. Once it’s affected by nutritional imbalance, your money will be spent in animal hospitals. In that way, if we don’t talk about spending money, we won’t be able to cure it.

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