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    Choosing the right repellent should be a regular task from the early childhood. And regular deworming is very important for the health of the puppies. If the puppies haven’t been deworming for a long time, the puppies may not eat well or eat normally, but the puppies are always thin. The first deworming for puppies can be carried out before the first vaccination or three days after the first vaccination. If you buy your own insect repellent, you must ask if it is suitable for your dog.
    Some puppies may suffer from mental state deterioration after taking insect repellents in vivo, which is a normal reaction, usually the phenomenon will recover after two or three days. But if there is continued listlessness, it is best to send it to the hospital for examination.
    In addition, after taking insect repellents in the body, observe the poop of the dog to see if there are insects or eggs. If so, it’s better to take another insect repellent after a week. As for the external insect repellent, you can choose drop, which is dripped on the neck of the dog. Spray is not recommended because the spray needs to be sprayed all over the body, so it is easy for dogs to lick it and vomit. The drip will slowly penetrate into the skin after dripping on the neck, and then work on the whole body. The dog can’t lick it, so it’s relatively safe.
    In a word, the first thing to consider for puppies is whether the anthelmintics are within the applicable age range of dogs. In addition, it’s better to treat them under the condition of dogs’ health. If there are adverse reactions such as continuous vomiting, it’s better to send them to the hospital in time.

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