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    Alaska’s intestines and stomachs are not good, which is known by the parents who raise Alaska. How can we distinguish the treatment of dyspepsia? What about dyspepsia in Alaska?

    1. Alaskan dyspepsia will have diarrhea and constipation in varying degrees. Of course, this situation also means that Alaskan dyspepsia is not too serious. As long as the owner carefully manages and raises Alaskan, it will soon recover to health.

    2. When vomiting occurs in Alaska, and vomit is foam like mucus and gastric juice, or vomit is mixed with blood, bile and mucous membrane fragments, which means that Alaska causes severe gastrointestinal diseases due to indigestion.

    3. Alaskan dyspepsia may also have watery stools, sometimes mixed with tissue debris and blood. Touching Alaska’s abdomen can cause pain, mild yellow and white tongue coating, dehydration and yellowish urine.

    4. Dyspepsia may result in mild yellow and white tongue coating, rapid dehydration of the body and yellowish urine. The course of disease is generally about 2 to 5 days.

    Such problems are likely to be caused by unclean and long-term use of tableware in Alaska, which may mix bacteria with food and lead to indigestion. So parents should keep Alaskan utensils clean. In addition, the abnormal diet in Alaska will cause Alaska indigestion. Moreover, the food quality of Alaska is not good, or the food in winter is too cold, and the food in summer is too long and rancid, which will lead to the indigestion of Alaska. Alaska’s intestines are much shorter than people’s, so its digestion time is very short, so frequent food changes can easily cause indigestion.

    In case of indigestion in Alaska, we should rationally judge which kind of Alaska belongs to. If the situation is mild, take some probiotics for conditioning and observation for two days. If it is serious, it needs to be sent to the pet hospital in time for treatment.

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