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    Dogs will also be reluctant to eat. Many owners tried all kinds of methods, but they didn’t seem to work. In order to solve this problem, we must first know why the dog didn’t eat.

    1. Being sick. Many owners will immediately doubt whether the dog is sick as soon as they see that the dog does not eat. If so, you can first check whether the dog has a runny nose, whether the temperature is normal, whether the nose mirror is dry, whether it can move normally, etc. Strategy: when you can’t confirm whether the dog is ill, you can take them to a pet hospital for an examination, and the vet will tell you what to do.

    2. When a dog reaches a certain age, he or she will also think about the dog’s life. In addition to not eating, some dogs may also have poor mental state. Countermeasure: it’s normal that you don’t think about food and tea. The host doesn’t have to worry too much. It will be better after a while.

    3. No exercise. In order to make the dog healthier, the owners will ensure that the dog has a certain amount of exercise. However, if there is a rainy day, the dog is likely to be unable to go out for several days. When their activity is reduced, the food consumption will naturally decrease. Countermeasures: for small and medium-sized dogs, the owner can play games at home to make them move. It should be noted that a more open place should be selected as the game place, and the safety of dogs and other family members should be protected.

    4. Food Piddle. In order to make dogs eat better, some owners will try their best to make all kinds of delicious food for them. Once the daily dog food is restored, the dogs may refuse to eat because the dog food is not palatable. Strategy: starve it or continue to work hard to make all kinds of delicious food, depending on how you choose. There are many reasons for dogs’ poor digestion: eating too much at one time, eating too full for several days in a row, eating foods that are not easy to digest, gastrointestinal problems, etc.

    Countermeasures: mild digestive dysfunction can be solved by taking some tablet, and if it is caused by digestive tract disease, it needs to be treated first.

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