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    The normal dog’s eyes are clean, and their eyes are full of spirit. If the dog’s eyes get swollen, or there is a lot of stolen goods, then the dog’s eyes are damaged. What should we do if the dog’s eyes are swollen? What are the causes of the swelling? What should we do?

    If two eyes are red and swollen, it may be the cause of allergy. If it is a single eye, it may also be caused by trauma. However, for dogs, the most important thing to deal with eye injury is care. You can try to give them an eyedrop every two hours, which usually lasts for three days to recover. Of course, it’s best to listen to the veterinarian’s advice before choosing a drug and treat the dog after being allowed to do so.

    If the dog is infected with canine distemper, there will also be an increase in eye excrement, which will cause serious eye redness and swelling, resulting in the inability to open the eyes. In this case, it should be immediately sent to the hospital for treatment, and the dog’s eyes should be scrubbed with normal saline every day. Therefore, the dog’s eye swelling is usually caused by pathological changes, so it’s better to take the dog to the hospital for an examination to see what causes it, and then treat it.

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