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    What should dogs do if they get sick? Come and have a look! With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, more and more people are willing to raise a dog, which has become a part of our family! So we all know that dogs get sick. What should we do when dogs get sick?

    First of all, we know why dogs get sick. No matter what disease they have, we can pay attention to these details, and then we can take the right medicine, so that it won’t backfire! Then we need to quickly and thoroughly clean up the affected part of the fungus. We need to cut off all the hairs in the vicinity, which will help the direct permeability of the drug and prevent the continued spread of the fungus. Next, we will go to the drugstore to buy some corresponding medicine, and then we will start to apply medicine when we go home.

    The scope of application should be larger than the scope of the affected area. The advantage is to prevent the spread of fungi and inhibit the possibility and spread of fungi. Some pet hospitals will recommend taking internal medicine for auxiliary treatment at the same time, but the small edition is not recommended here, because it is suitable for dogs to treat skin diseases Local medicine, most of the side effects are relatively large, will cause a lot of discomfort to dogs. Simple external medicine, adhere to the treatment of daub, a week or so will have a significant improvement, half a month or so recovery is also more common. Every day, dogs should have enough time to bask in the sun. We can use the ultraviolet rays of the sun to kill mold to sterilize dogs. But we should also plan the time for dogs to bask in the sun. To prevent damage to the dog’s skin, every day when applying medicine to the dog, pay attention to observe and check whether other parts of the dog have fungal spread infection.

    The method is relatively simple. Touch it carefully from the beginning to the end. If the hand touches hard small pimples, open the hair to see if it is a new growing fungus. If so, follow the above steps to cut hair and apply medicine. Take a bath regularly for the dog. For the dog with skin disease, it is recommended to use the special bath gel for the pet. After washing, use the nursing liquid to protect the skin. Use potassium permanganate or 84 disinfectant to disinfect your dog’s bathing equipment. Be sure to dry after bathing. Pet owners should understand that any kind of skin disease of dogs is stubborn. As owners, they must be patient and confident and insist on treatment. The above-mentioned items should be done continuously.

    The ointment should be applied in time and the dogs should be well nursed. We believe that our dogs will be cured under our careful care. I hope you parents can take good care of your puppies! I hope the above content will be helpful to the parents! Hope all the dogs in the world can grow up healthily!

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