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    How can dogs have foot odor? Does the paw of a dog sweat?! Why do little dog feet stink? Why is that? Sweat glands are distributed on the floor of the dog’s feet, which will stink when sweating, but it’s not what we call “sweat feet”.

    Dogs have sweat glands all over their bodies. Their secretions are broken down by bacteria on the surface of the skin to produce the dog’s special taste. Its sweat glands do not have the function of heat dissipation like human sweat glands. The palms of dogs have glands that secrete water to keep the palms soft. The dog’s surface hair has the function of heat insulation. If the environment temperature is too high, the dog’s paw gland will secrete water.

    In addition, it also relies on breathing to dissipate heat. When it’s too hot, it will asthma to dissipate heat. In addition, the saliva can be licked to the whole body hair and evaporated by saliva. It’s also very important that the dog needs to walk every day. It needs to solve its defecation outside. Because many dogs don’t like wearing shoes, and their feet touch the ground directly, so please take a hard time after walking the dog, wash their feet and small buttocks, and make him a clean and good child.

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