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    Dermatosis is a common disease of dogs. If there are some parasites on the dog’s skin, such as fleas, lice and mites, it is easier for the dog to get dermatosis. Therefore, dog owners should always comb their dogs’ hair, especially pay attention to red spots and depilation. This can check whether it has skin disease. The following are four ways to treat dog skin diseases:

    1. Traditional Chinese medicine. It has a good effect on the treatment of various skin diseases (mites, ringworm), and it can also be treated with Ming ruining, a plant ingredient. It has a certain effect on fungi and bacteria, even when dogs change their hair too much in the season of.

    2. Treatment of mites. Wash and soak with rhubarb gallnut lotion. Main ingredients: Fructus Cnidii, Chinese gall, Kochia, rhubarb. Shanghai sulfur soap is also effective against mites, but it is more alkaline. If the dog’s fur is dry, please use it with caution. Let the dog take a bath in it and add some. Anyway, to keep dry, the effect is almost, but more or less can play a role.

    3. Killing fleas with orange peel. Take 250g fresh orange peel, cut it into pieces with a knife, and wrap it with gauze to extrude the juice with sour and bitter taste. Dilute and mix the juice with 500g boiling water, spray it on the dog with flea after cooling, or wrap it on the dog with towel soaked in orange diluent, and all fleas on the dog will die after one hour.

    4. The method of killing fleas with cigarettes. The tobacco leaves contain a lot of nicotine. We know that nicotine is so powerful that even horses can be poisoned. We are not afraid to kill a few fleas. Put 3-5 cigarettes into 50ml boiling water, filter the tobacco after 10 minutes, and put the filtered liquid into the watering can spray evenly on the dog, be careful not to spray on the dog’s eyes, nose and mouth.

    And we must keep one thing in mind: once we find skin diseases, we must immediately wash and expose the dog’s daily utensils and bedding, clean and disinfect the floor if necessary.

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