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    Before raising Pomeranian, you may not expect that they will be keen on biting things. As long as they can bite things, they seem not to let go, such as shoes, furniture, etc. are the objects they will stare at. But there are some reasons for Pomeranian to bite. If they want to get rid of this habit, the owner must first know what causes them to like to bite.

    1. The trouble of changing teeth. Changing teeth will bring some discomfort to dogs, which is to relieve the discomfort. If you don’t want your dog to bite, the owner can prepare glue for them so that they don’t stare at furniture or other things all the time. If the dog still bites the furniture, the owner should stop it immediately. If the dog knows to bite the glue, the owner can praise them properly.

    2. Boring to pass the time. Many owners may be unable to accompany the dog because they need to go to work during the day, so you need to interact with the dog more after work. If they are always warm to dogs, they can only have fun on their own. In order to make the dog less boring at home during the day, the owner can buy some toys for the dog, so even if you don’t have time to play with the dog during the day, they still have toys to play with.

    3. As for the behavior of stray eating, dogs may suffer from stray eating. If it is determined that the dogs suffer from stray eating, the owner should take the dogs to the pet hospital for treatment in time so that the dogs can recover as soon as possible.

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