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    With the continuous development of high-tech era, people’s quality of life is getting higher and higher, so there are more and more dog owners. Following will lead you to talk about what we should do when the dog has diarrhea! First of all, we should realize that the digestive system of dogs is not particularly advanced, so it is easy to have diarrhea and other problems. If your dog have diarrhea caused by changing food, eating too much indigestion, or stealing something you shouldn’t eat, you can take some related drugs orally and eat regularly. In case of continuous diarrhea, watery loose stool, bloody stool, etc., we must take them to the hospital to check whether our dog is allergic to things or other important reasons, so as not to delay the treatment time.

    Secondly, the temperature drops suddenly, and the temperature difference between inside and outside is large. If we often take dogs in and out, but the owner forgets that even if we add or remove clothes to the dogs, it is likely to cause colds and colds. Then if we take dogs to places where pets are very dense, our dogs are very easy to be infected with the virus, which will also cause diarrhea. When a dog has diarrhea, some owners don’t care. They think it’s a small problem. If the dog insists on it for a while, or uses some antidiarrheal drugs used by people, it’s a wrong behavior. We all know to use reasonable drugs in a reasonable place, so human drugs must not be used for dogs! This may cause our dog to get heavier. If our dog has fever and vomiting, first of all, it depends on whether the dog has eaten toxic substances. If blood and diarrhea exceed 24 hours, stop eating and water for 24 hours to prevent dehydration. If not, take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment at the first time.

    To prevent the diarrhea happened again, we should take some steps. First of all, vaccinate dogs on time, which is very important to prevent dogs from getting all kinds of viruses! Don’t let our dog play with some dangerous toys, don’t suddenly change our dog’s eating habits and drinking water sources, don’t let the dog contact with toxic drugs and plants, regularly check whether there are insects in the dog’s stomach, and keep our dog away from all the polluted places!

    All dogs in the world will grow up healthy and happy, and that all parents and their dogs will have a harmonious and friendly relationship!

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