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    For us, in order to have healthy and tidy teeth, we will be more careful when we change teeth, and we need to treat dogs as well. A good tooth is very important for a dog, so how to help the dog change a good tooth and what should be paid attention to when the dog changes a tooth are all issues that need to be concerned for us.

    First of all, we should pay attention not to feed dogs with hard bones and snacks during tooth replacement. During tooth replacement, there will be itching and biting. The owner can buy rubber toys to help them grind their teeth. Almost all of them are sold in pet shops or online, and the price is relatively moderate. If the dog chews other things in the home, parents must not ignore it because it is changing teeth, which will cause more serious consequences.

    Secondly, we should also pay attention to the golden hair diet, to ensure that every day to give adequate nutrition, in the diet, do not feed too hard food on it. When dogs change their teeth, parents should not worry too much, let it be, and do not forcibly remove the teeth they are about to lose. There are also some parents who are afraid of the dog swallowing the fast lost teeth. They are always watching the dog’s side and observing the degree of tooth loss.

    In fact, it is not necessary. Even if the dog swallows it in the stomach, they will excrete it. For us, we should pay attention to what we should know when the dog changes teeth, but we don’t need to be surprised. Just do what we should do, and let the rest go.

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