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    The cost of training a guide dog is huge, but a well-trained guide dog is undoubtedly excellent. When we meet guide dogs on the subway, don’t tease them because of curiosity. Although they won’t lose their temper in general after certain training, if you do too much, it will affect the dog’s mood. If the dog has sprint behavior, it is very dangerous for you and the blind. So some boring citizens are advised not to provoke these dogs for their curiosity.
    Don’t feed guide dogs with food. Being a blind dog is undoubtedly the second pair of eyes of blind people, so the health of a blind dog is very important for them. Some friends who like dogs tend to be full of love when they see a cute dog. They like to feed the dog with anything, but the guide dog’s dietary requirements are actually quite strict. If they suddenly eat some messy food, it may cause discomfort to the dog, and even lead to the dog’s weakness, which will undoubtedly give to the blind It brings considerable inconvenience. Dogs are of great importance to them. Once dogs have problems, they may be more affected than dogs. So we should pay attention not to feed guide dogs with food casually, so as to avoid the impact of these foods on their health.
    Because dogs are easy to be the focus of our eyes, once dogs appear in our eyes, it will cause a large number of people to watch. But I would like to advise you not to surround the dog with so many people. Doing so may bring a lot of pressure and tension to the dog. So we just need to watch quietly in the distance.

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