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    Hot summer is a good season for swimming. Dogs born with swimming skills can enjoy it if they can take them to swim. So what do we need to bring before we take our dog out? What should we pay attention to? Enough drinking water: This is a very important thing for people and dogs, so it doesn’t matter to bring more.

    Enough dog food during the trip: Although there are local snacks to taste, the safest food for dogs is dog food, in case of dog discomfort caused by changing food.

    Big towel with good water absorption: the purpose of bringing the towel is to wipe the dog’s body after he swims ashore. Although it can’t be completely dried, it won’t always be wet. The point is to dry its feet.

    Hairdryer: if you live in a high-end hotel, you don’t need to bring it. It should be equipped. If you don’t, you should prepare yourself. It’s mainly used to dry your dog’s feet, especially the stitches.

    Talcum powder: because the dog will always be in the water at the seaside, the feet will always be in a wet state, so after cleaning the dog, put some talcum powder on the feet of the dog, you can pull out the water.

    Regular medicines: such as antidiarrheal, anti-inflammatory and heatstroke drugs, which are for the sake of precaution. If the dog doesn’t get used to going to the beach for the first time, it will come in handy.

    Camera: it’s a sharp tool for traveling. Why not take photos when you go out. Take more photos of your lovely dog, go back for a souvenir, and show off by the way.

    Toys: bring some toys that the dog likes. When it’s boring, there are also toys for it.

    Leash: in order to ensure the safety of the dog, you must take it.
    Pet shoes: one is to prevent the hidden edge of the beach from hurting the dog’s foot pad; the other is to protect the dog’s foot pad from being burned by the sand.

    When can’t you bring your dog out to swim?
    First, when the dog is sick, it is absolutely not allowed to take it to swim. At this time, swimming is not only unable to exercise, but will aggravate the disease.

    Second, dogs that have just been vaccinated can’t go swimming at once. They need to be in the water for a week after vaccination.

    Third, before swimming with the dog, do not feed it too full, which is not good for the digestive system, but also affects the dog’s performance in the water.

    Fourth, dogs with poor joints, and swimming is an individual activity. It’s even worse for dogs with joint problems.

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