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    Do a good job in health and safety measures most parks actually have relevant regulations. Pets are not allowed to be brought into the park. However, because there are many entrances to the park and some owners secretly bring dogs into the park, it is not uncommon to see pet dogs in the park. However, since the owner has brought the dog into the park, some relevant measures are still necessary for the safety of the dog and the dog itself. Otherwise, if anything happens, it’s up to you.
    On the sidewalks, lawns and lakeside of the park, we can often see some owners taking their dogs for a walk. Some of them are running fast, some are playing with their companions, some are following their owners cleverly. This kind of situation can be said everywhere. Although most park gates will clearly display “no pets” signs, but most pet dog owners do not care too much. And most owners don’t think much of the park’s ban on dog walking. Some owners said, “my dog is very obedient and will not bite people.”. Some say, “what’s the point of taking a dog for a while?”. It is a rule in many parks that visitors are not allowed to bring pets that are harmful to personal safety and environmental health, but in fact, it is difficult to completely eliminate them. Dog walkers often prevaricate for reasons such as “I’ve got the rope, it’s going to be OK.”. Since the owners ignore these regulations, they must set an example and take relevant safety measures.
    First of all, whether you think your dog is good or naughty, you should help them put on the leash and come out again. This is not only for you to better control the dog and ensure the safety of others. It is also to prevent the dog from getting out of his sight and being taken away by others, so the hauling rope must be a necessary tool anyway.
    If the dog is too aggressive, it is recommended to wear a good mask for him. In addition, some dogs are really grumpy and see strangers behave very unfriendly. Finally, wear a mask for this kind of dog, because many dog walkers have some old friends. If they are small and medium-sized dogs, they may not be able to hold their own dogs. At this time, wearing masks can effectively prevent dogs from biting others. Not only that, it can also prevent the dog from swallowing foreign bodies and poisoning. It should also be noted that the park is a public place after all, so there are many people coming and going.
    Dogs also like to urinate and defecate everywhere, so they should do a good job of environmental sanitation as owners. Take a garbage bag and put on disposable gloves. If you find the dog defecating everywhere, clean it up in time. Don’t just ignore it, especially in summer, it is easy to cause a large number of bacteria, which is very harmful to the health of pedestrians and other dogs.

    Although it is not reasonable to exclude pets from the park, we should pay attention to relevant regulations if we want to bring dogs into the park. First of all, some greening that need to be protected must not be allowed to be trampled arbitrarily by dogs. The dog’s safety measures should also be done well. Try to keep the dog in his own sight range and be able to hold the dog well. If the dog is very fierce, then don’t take it to a crowded place. The walking time should not be too long to avoid accidents.

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