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    Puppies usually don’t eat dog food. If the puppies you take home suddenly don’t eat dog food, you need to observe it carefully. Generally, the cause of illness is quite common. It may also be that you give too much snacks, which causes the puppies to refuse to eat dog food properly.
    1. The anorexia of physiological state will occur when the dog is in estrus, or during pregnancy and tooth replacement, and the change of hormon in the body will occur, which is reasonable and normal. Note: normal physiological anorexia generally has no other symptoms, and the spirit, body temperature, aspiration and stool are normal.
    2. Anorexia caused by illness. It is the initial symptom of the disease, often occurs together with other symptoms, such as fever, vomiting, laxity, cough, abdominal pain, etc. The masters should be more vigilant.
    3. If the owner gives the dogs too much mouth, dried meat, or human food, they may pick up the food slowly, and even not throw away the dog food. It can be said that they are spoiled by the owner!
    4. Eating bad gastroenteritis. Dogs playing outside may eat flowers and grass, which may cause gastrointestinal problems, and even spit out some grass balls, all because of curiosity! If you eat too much, it will lead to gastroenteritis.
    5. If you want the owner’s care. Many owners and dogs will misunderstand each other, resulting in cognitive errors. If the owner overindulges and uses the wrong way to communicate, the dog will not eat dog food. Only when there are other diseases, can you find the problem! Note: dogs are picky or anorexic. It’s not that the food is hard to eat, but that they think “if you don’t eat, you can get the owner’s attention!”! ”
    6. It belongs to behavioral disease. Dogs have a behavioral disease, which is called” attention seeking anorexia “. This is a serious misunderstanding. Dogs mistakenly think that their owners like that they don’t want to eat what they have now, so in order to get more attention from their owners, they don’t eat what they have now and look forward to another food. Generally, young dogs do not eat dog food is more attention than adult dogs, if this situation is sudden, and accompanied by disease symptoms, must be timely medical treatment, in order to avoid causing dog health problems.

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