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    The weaning time of puppies is generally about 1-2 months, but after weaning, the puppies can not eat dry dog food immediately, but should be fed with “soft dog food” for a period of time, that is to say, the dog food should be soaked in warm water and then eaten by puppies. However, for puppies, when will they grow up to eat dry dog food normally.

    We know that dogs can’t eat dry dog food immediately after birth, mainly because of their physical maladjustment. First of all, the teeth in the pup’s mouth are not full, and the gastrointestinal function is very fragile. If the pup is fed with dry dog food blindly, it will easily cause gastrointestinal burden, and in serious cases, it will vomit and diarrhea. So if you want to give your dog dry dog food, at least wait until its gastrointestinal function is relatively sound and its mouth grows teeth. Generally speaking, according to the growth of the dog, when it is about 4-5 months old, it can start to try to give it some dry dog food.

    Of course, when the dog is given dry dog food, it is necessary to closely observe its physical response. If there is gastrointestinal discomfort, it is necessary to deal with it in a timely manner and scientifically adjust the dog’s diet plan to ensure the health and safety of the dog.

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