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    What symptom does dog hookworm disease have? When the adult dog is infected with a small amount of hookworm body, it does not show symptoms. When the young dog is seriously infected, it will appear pale mucosa, emaciated, rough and lusterless coat, easy to fall off, decreased appetite, heterotropia, vomiting, digestive disorders, diarrhea and constipation alternately. Feces are bloody or black. In severe cases, it looks like tar and has a bad smell. Puppies may have skin inflammation, itching, ulceration and corner erosion, etc., until death due to severe anemia and coma.

    How to prevent hookworm disease: most of the hookworm disease occurs in summer. If the environment is humid and not ventilated, it is more likely to occur. At ordinary times, we should make sure that the dog’s environment is dry, ventilated and ventilated, and clean the excrement in time. For cages or toys contacted by dogs, wash and disinfect them more often, or put them in strong sunlight to expose them to the sun and kill the eggs.

    The commercial preparation is 4.5% iodine nitrophenol solution, the amount of subcutaneous injection is 0.22 ml (10 mg) per kilogram of body weight, and the effect on all kinds of hookworm in dogs is close to 100%. In addition, levamisole, mebendazole and pyrimidine can also be used to drive away worms. The dosage and usage can refer to Ascaris canis. There is no need to fast when giving medicine. There will be no adverse reactions. It is also suitable for puppies.

    Of course, if you are just an ordinary pooper, you can take your dog directly to a pet hospital or pet shop for treatment by professionals without relevant experience and technology. It’s not difficult to treat hookworm disease. If you find that your dog has the above similar phenomena, the necessary inspection should still be available.

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