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    Early symptoms of dog rabies: loss of appetite and significantly increased water consumption, walking sideways or stiff, or turning around, going out of the house and not recognizing the home, wandering around aimlessly. In addition, the dog is extremely restless, often barks without reason, has no response to the call, his eyes are frightened, his whole body trembles, and his muscles twitch. Depressed spirit, afraid of light and darkness, slow response, do not listen to the master’s call, do not want to contact people.

    If the early symptoms of dog rabies are attacked by stray dogs with the above symptoms, the dog may be infected with rabies, and the virus concentration in saliva is high. In rare cases, the virus can quickly infect the peripheral nervous system without stopping replication, and the disease is fast. Therefore, it is necessary to inject rabies vaccine in time even if there is no obvious bleeding after being bitten by stray dogs.

    The early symptoms of dog rabies become more and more severe with each passing day. The sick dog will become more violent and restless, often run aimlessly, and attack people and other animals. If you look at the dog as a whole, you will find that the sick dog will become thinner and thinner, with a drooping jaw and tail between the two hind legs. And the dog’s voice will gradually become hoarse, salivation will gradually increase, swallowing more difficult.

    The early symptoms of dog rabies in the late stage of dog disease, there will be walking difficulties, paralysis, and finally died of general failure and respiratory paralysis. Generally speaking, when you find that a dog’s temperament is more violent than usual, and there is a lot of drooling and aggressive situation, it’s best to give him a rabies test. If you are sure to be infected with rabies, you must isolate the sick dog to prevent it from attacking other people and animals, and you must treat the dog as soon as possible, do not delay the disease.

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