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    Pomeranian vomiting is a premonitory symptom of many diseases. In order to ensure the dog’s health, when the owner finds out that his baby has vomiting, he must pay attention to it. There are many reasons for Pomeranian’s vomiting. To make the dog return to normal as soon as possible, the owner must master some methods to deal with the dog’s vomiting.

    1. Find out the cause of vomiting in Pomeranian. It may be caused by the following reasons: eating too much; poisoning; parasitic diseases; carsickness; some infectious diseases, etc. When a dog vomits and he or she is completely helpless, the best choice for the owner is to take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment. The vet will tell you why the dog vomits at the first time, and give the appropriate treatment plan. Many experienced owners will decide whether to send their dogs to the hospital according to their vomit. We would like to remind you that unless you are very sure that the dogs are not in serious trouble, you’d better send them to the pet hospital.

    2. Timely treatment. Some dogs do not vomit seriously, and they do not need to go to the pet hospital for treatment. The owner only needs to do a good job of dog care at home. However, in order to avoid some unexpected situations, the owner also needs to pay close attention to the dog. For dogs with severe vomiting or confirmed disease, the owner should cooperate with the veterinarian to do a good job in the treatment of dogs, and never use drugs without permission.

    3. Avoid vomiting again. In general, the symptoms of vomiting will gradually disappear after treatment. When the dog returns to health, the owner needs to pay attention to avoid the dog vomiting again during the maintenance process, such as not letting the dog touch other dogs’ feces or vomitus, so as to avoid infection with some infectious diseases or parasites.

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