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    Some dog owners have made it a living habit to walk their dogs, so no matter what the weather is, they will basically take their dogs out for a walk. However, in rainy days, even if the host helps them to put on their raincoats, they will inevitably get caught in the rain. We know that it’s easy to catch cold after being wet by rain. What should dogs do after being wet and what measures should be taken.

    1. Take a warm bath for the dog when necessary, not only to avoid cold, but also to remove the smell of the dog after rain.

    2. Clean the rainwater in the dog’s ears in time to avoid inflammation of the dog’s ear canal.

    3. Dry the dog with a towel or cloth, and remove the stickies and stains.

    4. If the temperature is low, make sure the dog is properly warmed to avoid discomfort.

    5. You can use the common hair dryer to dry the dog’s coat completely, but you must pay attention to the correct use, pay attention to the temperature and frequency of the action, and be careful of the heat of the blowpipe scalding the dog’s skin or coat.

    6. When the dog comes back from the rain, it must be dealt with in a timely manner. At the same time, do not jump to the dog’s Kennel, sofa or bed immediately, so as to avoid your furniture being polluted by the rain and stains brought back by the dog. The first thing a dog needs to do after being exposed to the rain is to dry his coat to avoid catching cold. If he is allowed to leave it alone, it will probably cause skin diseases and other situations. Therefore, as the owner, he must pay attention to it.

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