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    Among all dogs, poodle (details) is a kind of dog that is afraid of cold, and its heat resistance is relatively high, because in cold winter, as the owner, it is necessary to keep the dog warm. Today, let’s see how to keep the poodle warm in winter.

    1. In severe winter, the kennel of Poodle dog can’t be placed at the air leak, of course, it can’t be placed outdoors. In winter, poodles should be kept indoors and in a warm place. Every day when the sun is warm, you can move the kennel to the windowsill to let the poodle bask in the sun.

    2. We do not advocate shaving poodles, especially in cold winter. Hair is the poodle’s protection against the cold. In the winter, shave off the cold proof hair, and think about whether the poodle will become more afraid of the cold. Therefore, in winter, it’s better not to shave or cut the hair of Poodle dog.

    3. Of course, if you think the Poodle dogs who doesn’t repair the hair is ugly and not easy to take care of. So when pruning, we should also pay attention to proper pruning, and do not shave all of them. What’s more, it’s better to wear cold resistant foreign body when the poodle is out, and not to walk outdoors when it’s cloudy and rainy. There are many ways to help poodles resist the cold, the most important is the attitude of parents. Parents should be good at finding out the small details of life, do a good job in keeping the poodle warm, so that it can have a warm and comfortable winter.

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