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    Many owners of dog dandruff are troubled by the dog’s skin problems. Dandruff is one of the common situations. Excessive dandruff will not only make the dog look very unclean, but also make the whole house full of dandruff. We believe that the owners have tried many ways to solve this problem, but if we don’t find the cause of dandruff, we will treat it blindly, and the effect is very little.

    To improve the problem of dandruff, regular care is quite necessary:

    1. Regular bath: bath is the most direct way to remove large amount of dandruff. Take a good bath for your dog, you can get rid of the old dandruff on the skin. It’s not necessary to take a bath too actively. Basically, you can take a bath once a week or two in summer. In winter, the frequency of bathing can be lower. Be careful. Too frequent bathing may damage the oily protective layer on the dog’s hair. When bathing, use lukewarm water, avoid eyes, and finally remember to dry the dog’s wet hair.

    2. Special shampoo can improve dandruff problem: human shampoo basically can’t solve the dandruff problem of dog, because the pH value of dog fur is different from that of human, so using wrong shampoo will aggravate the dandruff problem instead. When you bathe, the foam will remain on the dog for a few minutes, and the medicinal ingredients will give full play to it. Do not use human dandruff shampoo to bathe the dog, so as to avoid greater stimulation. When dogs have serious dandruff, it’s best not to wash them with hair washing essence containing lice killing ingredients. Most of these products will make the skin drier.

    3. Hair spray: if the dog’s living environment is too dry, it may cause a lot of dandruff, so go to the pet goods store to buy some oily hair spray. After spraying on the hair, it can effectively avoid excessive evaporation of water on the dog’s hair, which can also better avoid the problem of excessive dandruff.

    4. Emollient oil: generally used for baby skin care products can also moisturize the dog’s fur.

    5. Comb the dog’s hair regularly: comb the dog’s hair regularly, which can brush off the old dandruff and dead hair accumulated at ordinary times, and help the dog distribute the natural oil secreted by the skin evenly on every inch of the skin. As long as you comb regularly, many dandruff problems can be solved naturally.

    6. Add oil regularly: one of the reasons for the large increase of scurf may also be the lack of oil in things. So it’s a good idea to add a proper amount of pet specific fish oil to the food, which can help the skin recover its normal metabolic function. As long as you add half a spoon or a teaspoon of fish oil every day, you can see the improvement effect obviously.

    7. Try to change the diet: some poor quality feed can not meet the dog’s nutritional needs, which will lead to poor hair health. Many dogs will naturally recover from dandruff problems after using another professional feed.

    8. Using dog shampoo above is a more effective solution for dogs under normal conditions. If dogs suffer from skin diseases, it is useless to simply wash and care. The dandruff caused by skin disease can be completely improved only after the skin disease is cured. In addition, the treatment process of skin diseases is usually long, so the owner should not give up because there is no effect in a short time, which will never solve the problem. Therefore, those who are ill need to be treated. Those who are not ill usually need to do a good job of nursing, take a bath and comb regularly, use the right shampoo, and keep the environment moist. These are the effective measures to improve the dandruff problem.

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