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    The most worrying thing about feeding is the problem of fish water quality. Sometimes the sudden deterioration of water quality can cause large-scale fish deaths. There are many reasons that affect the color of the water, such as plankton, suspended particles, dissolved substances, sky and soil reflection and other factors. However, the number and type of plankton are the main part that determines the color of the water. According to the color of the pool water, the water quality can be divided into several types.

    1. Barren water: The water color is light green or clear and bottom, the transparency is above 1250px, there are few plankton biomass in the water, but there are few zooplankton species, the number is small, and sometimes there are phytoplankton that are difficult for fish to digest, if the water quality is rapid Fertilization, it will ultimately be poor water.

    2. Fertilizer water: the general water color is yellowish brown, light brown or oily green, and the transparency is between 25-1000px, indicating that the water floats, there are many types of plants, and it is easy to be ingested by fish, and the water is rich in dissolved oxygen and should be normal. Fertilize regularly for the fish water.

    3. Old water: the general water quality is dark green, blue-green, gray or mixed yellow, the water quality is mixed, the transparency is between 20-625px, and the water contains more fish semi-digestible and easily digestible substances. If this water quality is not taken in time for water injection and water exchange measures, it will make the water quality anoxic and deteriorate;

    There are many reasons for the formation of green water, feeding a lot of food, and the accumulation of fish excrement or residue increases, so that these things dissolve a lot of organic matter, and decompose into many nitrogen compounds, and will consume oxygen in the water to produce carbon dioxide , And the water quality produces excellent oxidation, producing a large amount of planktonic algae. We know that green algae require sunlight (plant daylight), carbon dioxide and organic matter. When this factor is formed, green water can easily occur. The use of ultraviolet germicidal lamps, algaecide or clarifier is the best way, both money and can not be removed, these reasons are caused by improper feeding, so first review your feeding management methods.

    4. Bad water: When the water quality becomes reddish brown, brown or black, with a fishy smell, this is a reflection of serious water pollution. It is further reproduced by plankton on the basis of fertilizer and water, and the blue-green or green clouds and massive and filamentous phenomena appearing are “water flowers”. If no measures are taken for treatment, it will cause anoxic floating heads in the whole pool, and even lead to a large number of deaths. At the same time, the change of water color is also related to the type of fertilization.

    Fish feeding should be scientific and be art. You need to be not afraid of fatigue and be responsible for your fish. Therefore, not changing the water for a long time is not the best way to raise fish. You should pay attention to it!

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