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    Under normal circumstances, the dog’s mouth will have some flavor, but it can be accepted by us, but if the dog’s mouth taste is too heavy, then we should pay attention to it. What if golden retriever has bad breath? First of all, we need to consider whether we regularly help the dog clean his mouth and whether there is any problem with the food he feeds.

    The easiest way to solve the problem is to brush the dog’s teeth. Of course, if serious oral diseases have been induced, it is still necessary to see a doctor first, and then receive professional treatment. In addition, to remove the halitosis of golden retriever, we should stick to it, not just brushing its teeth a few times, but cleaning its mouth for a long time. In this way, we can solve the problem of halitosis. At the beginning of brushing a Maltese dog’s teeth, you can choose soft gauze, wrap it around your fingers, dip it in some physiological saline, and then gently scrub its teeth and gums.

    When the dog gets used to brushing, it can be replaced with a professional pet toothbrush and toothpaste. If the dog has calculus and the condition is serious, it is better to take it to the hospital for doctors to operate. In order to prevent the golden retriever from halitosis, we should pay more attention to the normal diet, and do not give it the food that people eat, because the food is easily stuck in the dog’s teeth, if not cleaned in time, the food will be rotten, resulting in halitosis. So it’s best to feed dogs with dog food at ordinary times, and then clean their mouths regularly.

    Generally, the cause of golden retriever halitosis is due to oral disease, or the owner usually does not help the dog clean his mouth in time, and the relationship between food. We may not be able to avoid the disease, but if it is caused by daily care, it can be completely avoided, so we should help dogs clean their mouth in time to ensure their oral health and cleanliness.

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