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    There are many factors that cause dandruff of poodle due to regular combing and early treatment of skin diseases. External environment, nursing factors and various skin problems may cause this problem. However, no matter what causes it, if you find it, you should not ignore the problem and solve it as soon as possible. Sometimes dandruff is caused by the external environment is too dry, at the same time, the dog’s skin also becomes dry.
    For this problem, you can apply a little medical vaseline to the dog, which can form a protective film on the skin, suitable for use when the skin is dry. Combing regularly can also improve this situation. Combing can not only remove the old dandruff, but also help the natural oil secreted by the skin to distribute evenly on the skin.
    Do not use human body wash because the pH value of human skin is different from that of dog skin. If human body wash is used, it will easily damage the acid-base balance of dog skin, resulting in dandruff. The most troublesome cause is dandruff caused by skin diseases, usually due to fungal infections. And there are many factors that cause the dog to get fungus, such as infection when playing in the grass; the sleeping mat is not cleaned in time, so that fungus can grow, and the hair is not dried in time after the bath, which provides a good living environment for the fungus. If it’s fungi that cause dandruff problems in poodles, it’s up to the severity of the problem to decide whether to give an injection or simply take medicine. However, no matter what the situation is, it is necessary to ensure that the coat is dry. In addition, do not eat seafood or beef or mutton for dogs to avoid recurrence.

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