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    Compared with a large dog, it is impossible to keep clean and fragrant at all times. Except for poodles and schnauzer, other dogs will have body odor. Of course, as long as it is not congenital body odor, it can be solved. So if a Samoyed dog has body odor, what should we do? The specific causes of somatization in Samoa, why is somatization in Samoa? Once we find the source of Samoa body odor, it will be easy to treat.

    1. Bathing is a good way to remove the odor of Samoa dogs, especially for skin diseases and the bad smell caused by unclean hair. But be careful not to use cold water to wash Samoye, it is better to use hot water, so as to avoid the cold of Samoye dogs (especially puppies and sick dogs). At the same time, the bath time should not be three days, two days, or even every day. Because it will wash out the protective film of Samoye’s skin. Although it’s clean and fragrant, its skin will be “weak”. It’s washed once in seven to ten days in summer and twice in winter – enough. It should be the most reasonable time to bathe a Samoye dog according to its dirty level.

    2. Squeeze the anal gland to remove body odor. Dogs living in the home can’t push out the excess anal gland fluid due to the lack of exercise and the reduction of muscle strength in the legs, resulting in the accumulation of anal gland and swelling. Then Samoyed dogs stink. If so. When the dog owner takes a bath for Samoye, he puts on disposable gloves, puts his index finger into his anus, and gently compresses it with his thumb. At first, it will be difficult to squeeze it a little. With a little force, Samoye may feel some pain and discomfort, just squeeze it a few times more.

    3. Reduce greasy food, reduce halitosis. If something is not suitable, it is also very easy to cause peculiar smell: for example, halitosis caused by spleen stomach incompatibility. At this time, we should reduce some greasy food, or we can buy some functional dog food specially for the dog’s bad breath. The earwax of Samoyed dogs can help the ears to fight against foreign diseases. Generally speaking, the dog’s earwax color has white, light yellow, yellow, the shape from powdery, massive to muddy is normal, but it must be cleaned regularly, otherwise the normal ear will also have odor. Generally, we can clean Samoa’s ears with cotton sticks, but if the dog’s earwax is wet and soft, it will push the earwax deeper. So in this case, if you’re afraid that cotton sticks won’t work, you can soften the earwax with liquid medicine first, and then use the power of the dog’s ear shaking to remove the earwax.

    Deodorant recipe: put orange peel and other ingredients to dispel the odor. Make a toy for the dog when he is free, such as a tabloid pillow. Put two or three orange peels in it and put them in the dog’s Kennel. Dogs will look for toys when they smell oranges. When they find oranges, they like to play. In a few days, the dog will taste much less!

    Summer is the best time to produce body odor. At this time, you can also cut the hair of Samoa properly, or shave it directly, which is not only cool but also helpful to take care of it.

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