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    Schnauzer cold is a problem that the owner is very easy to encounter in the process of keeping Schnauzer. If the dog is just a common cold, you don’t need to worry too much. The vet can help you solve the problem quickly (Note: don’t treat the dog without permission, the dog may have a more serious situation due to your improper medication or misjudgment). Of course, you can’t be careless when you have a cold. If you delay the treatment, the cold may cause other diseases.

    With a cold, Schnauzer will always looks listless. Sometimes the owner takes the initiative to play with them. They all seem to have little interest. And even if the host tempts them with food, they may not be so excited. In addition, you may find that the dog has sneezing, coughing, temperature rise, etc. As long as the dog has these symptoms, the owner should be alert.

    When the dog has a cold, the owner should treat the dog at the first time. However, in order to keep the dog away from illness, the owner had better take preventive measures during the breeding process, such as drying the dog’s hair immediately after bathing, keeping the dog warm in cold season, etc. For dogs with poor physical fitness or in a special period, the owner should pay more attention to appropriate changes in the breeding methods.

    In fact, if the dog has cold symptoms, it may be caused by some infectious diseases, such as canine distemper, parvovirus disease, etc. when the dog has these diseases, in addition to some common symptoms of cold, it may also have vomiting, diarrhea, high body temperature and other symptoms. Therefore, in order to ensure the dog’s health, when the dog has cold symptoms, the owner must pay attention to it and take the dog to the pet hospital in time for diagnosis and treatment.

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