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    It is self-evident that water is important for any living body to add some auxiliaries to the drinking water. In case of lack of water supplement, it is quite easy to drag down the dog’s body. Sometimes dogs do not drink water and disease factors, for this problem can only be solved by infusion or cure the disease. But sometimes dogs don’t like drinking water, which may not be related to their own body, but to other external factors.

    1. It’s better to choose a water tool that is not easy to wear when preparing a suitable water tool. If it’s a cement ground, it’s better not to choose a stainless steel bowl, which will make a loud noise when dragging on the ground, and the dog may be stimulated or frightened because of this, so he won’t drink. Of course, it’s best to clean the drinking water for the dog every day. Once the dog has a peculiar smell, it may lose interest in drinking water.
    2. It is also important to keep the drinking water clean. We know that dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell. If the drinking water is unclean or the dog has a peculiar smell because it has not been replaced for a long time, the dog may not drink water. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the drinking water clean from time to time.
    3. Add a little “seasoning” to the drinking water. Sometimes dogs are reluctant to drink water because the taste of the water is not suitable. We can make some grape sugar powder in the drinking water, which can improve the taste of the water, and provide some energy, which is also a good choice. But don’t add some messy things to the water. Don’t use this method often, so as to avoid the dog’s dependence.
    4. You can take your dog to do some exercises. To increase the amount of exercise of your dog. After exercise, you can provide water for your dog. However, this method is only suitable for healthy dogs.
    5. Dogs are generally interested in moving objects when using fountain water dispensers. Some dogs who don’t like drinking water may be attracted by such drinking tools to drink water. If the dog is not willing to drink, there are other adverse reactions, most of which are caused by physical reasons. At this time, in addition to making the dog drink as much as possible, it is to take the dog for inspection as soon as possible, and then take corresponding measures.

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