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    What should dogs do if they eat too much? Dogs can’t bear hunger or satiety, and they have poor control over food. Especially for juveniles, as long as you put their favorite food in front of them, they will keep eating. In this way, I don’t know that hunger and satiety are very bad for dogs’ intestines and stomachs, which will cause dogs to have diarrhea and vomit. What should dogs do if they eat too much?

    Stop feeding if the dog eats too much and has diarrhea symptoms, it can stop eating for 1-2 days. At the same time, comfort the pet, keep him in a stable mood and closely observe the dog’s mental state. Generally, after a few hours, the dog spits out too much food in his stomach.
    It is forbidden to feed water after the dog has eaten too much. On the one hand, the pet should pay attention not to feed water to the dog. Because the dog’s stomach is full, drinking water will cause the dog food to expand in the stomach, which is likely to cause stomach perforation.
    When the dog eats too much digestive medicine, the pet owner can give the dog something beneficial to digestion, such as stomach nourishing and digestion tablets or probiotics, and massage the pet’s abdomen to help the dog digest.
    Proper exercise. What we says is proper exercise, not taking dogs to run all over the street. Dogs eat more pets to avoid strenuous exercise, otherwise it will cause a great burden on the stomach, and cause gastroptosis.
    Refuse snacks. Many pet owners like to feed their dogs a lot of snacks after feeding them, so it’s easy for dogs to eat too much. Even treat snacks as meals, which is not only bad for dogs’ intestines and stomachs, but also causes dogs to be fat. Dogs eat too much is very bad for the body, pet owners in the daily feeding must pay attention to.

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