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    The parents who feed their dogs will inevitably meet the time when the dogs are sick. When the dogs are sick, the parents naturally think of feeding some nutritious things to the dogs for early recovery, but how to take care of them.

    1. Dogs with serious gastrointestinal diseases: if it is suspected that dogs have gastrointestinal diseases, the first time is to see a doctor. After the doctor has determined the cause, targeted treatment can be carried out. After seeing the doctor, remember to feed according to the doctor’s advice. Dogs with gastrointestinal disease are usually not suitable for feeding. When the dog’s condition gets better, the food to be given at this time should be mainly digestible protein and carbohydrate. For the time being, do not eat meat or other oily food.

    2. Malnourished dogs: this situation is very rare in domestic pet dogs, but the stray dogs picked from the outside are different. They are likely to be malnourished. For this kind of sick dogs, of course, we should pay attention to supplement nutrition for them in diet. Fat, protein and carbohydrate should be supplemented, but we should also follow the principle of better digestion, less food and more meals. Besides dog food, we can properly add chicken, dog cans and other nutritious things for each meal. Avoid too oily diet, easy to cause diarrhea.

    3. Loss of appetite caused by colds and fever: these dogs have no stomach problems, but they have no appetite caused by other problems. At this time, they should make some food to promote appetite, that is, food with smell and fragrance. They can be mixed with canned dogs or minced meat in dog food, but the quantity should be less than usual, based on the principle of eating less and eating more. Because at this time, the digestive capacity of the stomach and intestine is relatively weak, and it is easy for dogs to eat too much, resulting in indigestion.

    4. Diseases caused by obesity: obesity can cause many diseases. The diet of obese dogs is a problem that needs to be paid attention to for a long time. Foods with high fiber and low calories are the first choice. There are dog food for obese or diabetic dogs on the market.

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