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    If you bathe your dog, you should prepare some appliances in advance, such as a special bath tub, bath towel, special bath solution, comb (metal, wood or plastic, but it is better to prepare a brush with dense teeth and thin teeth), absorbent cotton stick, small tweezers, eye ointment, hair dryer, etc.

    The bath water depth should not submerge the dog’s back, and the water temperature is 35 degC or so, which is the best. If you feel the water temperature is mild – too hot or too deep, it will easily cause the dog to be nervous. When bathing, wash the head, back neck, back tail, abdomen and limbs in order, and finish it as soon as possible. After washing with water, immediately use a dry bath towel to dry the water on the dog’s body. When bathing, keep the room warm and windless, and turn on the heater in winter. After washing, be sure to use a hair dryer to dry the water stains on the dog patiently. Do not only dry the surface, otherwise it will easily cause cold or skin disease. Another thing to remember is that if the dog takes a bath immediately after exercise, the chance of catching a cold will increase greatly. So when you go home after walking your dog, even if the dog is covered with mud, you must rest for half an hour before dry cleaning.

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