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    It’s a good idea to give your dog a toy. What toys are safe and fun for dogs?

    The ideal toys are made of safe and durable rubber, so that your pet can give full play to its natural skills and have a lot of fun.
    1. Frame ball. This is a multifunctional toy for: 1) retrieve game: the special shape of the ball makes it easy for the dog to pick it up. 2) chase game: there is no rule for the ball to roll and bounce, which makes it difficult for the dog to judge where the ball will stop. 3) power game: this ball has a special shape and can be used in tug of war games.

    2. The stretcher is used for “power” games, such as tug of War: dogs can pull with their owners, but toys can also be used for shaking games because of their flexibility. If the owner wants to establish his dominant position, he should take away the toy forcibly after the game.

    3. Irregular ring is used for retrieving and chasing Games: this ring is unique in design, and there is no rule when rolling on the ground. The dog will be happy to chase its shape and easy to be picked up by the dog. It can also be used in “power” games, such as tug of war.

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