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    The owner’s improper feeding and education will also bring great pressure to the dog. In the process of dog breeding, we should try our best to make the dog feel relaxed. In addition to some necessary constraints, don’t bring too much pressure to the dog. Too much pressure will cause a great burden on the dog’s psychology, which will affect the dog’s character and appetite, thus affecting their health. Besides the environment, the dog’s stress comes from its owner. Dogs labeled as high status often suffer from extreme insecurity and fear. In other words, it is the opposite of “high status”. It is generally considered that high status behaviors often result from insecurity or excessive excitement.

    In addition, owners with high status of labeled dogs often feel that it is reasonable to use harsh training methods. However, these methods are not effective in encouraging long-term changes in behavior, and may also breed fear of owners. Dogs don’t act out of malice, but because it’s their natural behavior or has been enhanced by your response. Although the dog has emotions and complex thinking, its reasoning ability is different from that of human beings. If it is really malicious, your dog must be able to understand your views on right and wrong, and use this moral code to guide its behavior. But the dog does not operate in this way. It is motivated by consequences, not morality. Your dog shows guilt after doing what you think is wrong? This reaction is due to your actions, not regret. Biting, digging, barking and chasing are all natural behaviors of dogs. Instead of punishing these behaviors and creating pressure, it’s better to provide proper channels for dogs to release instinct. For example, instead of punishing dogs to bite, it’s better to transfer them to bite something that can be bitten and teach them to stop excessive barking when they make sound and quiet according to signals. Use toys to let dogs chase them and simulate hunting Things, make it a game, provide the channel it can chase.

    The lack of regular interaction will open the door of behavior problems for new dogs who want to give them a quiet living environment. If there is no clear standard, the behavior of dogs will soon get out of control. If behavior is sometimes allowed, but sometimes punished, it will confuse the dog and increase its stress. Unfortunately, in many cases, the dog’s response is usually not acceptable, such as hitting people or biting people’s arms when receiving them. Just saying that you are good or patting your head is a good reward for many dogs, but when there is a lot of interference or you have to work hard to achieve behavior, verbal reward and patting may not be enough. When you ask your dog to behave in a difficult way, or when there is a high level of interference or emotional agitation, the reward should be immediate and excellent, and the reward of high value should be selected for the dog. All of the above are the pressure that the owner will bring to the dog. We can’t ignore the pressure brought by the outside world. When dogs first enter the house, they are not familiar with the surrounding environment. At this time, there is a great burden on them. So for dogs in this period, try not to disturb them. Try to place the dog in a relatively quiet environment. If you want the dog to adapt to the noisy environment slowly, you can use a radio to play a channel, which is also good for the dog to contact the outside world in the future.

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