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    The novice friends who are going to raise dogs have such a problem. How old is the best time to raise a dog? In fact, this problem needs comprehensive analysis from many aspects to come to the conclusion that dogs, a very emotional animal, need the owner’s very careful care when they are young.

    1. Survival rate: When a dog is born, some antibodies are brought from the dog’s mother, which can help the dog avoid the attack of fatal diseases for a period of time after birth. One month later, the protection will be weak, and vaccination will be started. After three months, all vaccines are vaccinated, and corresponding antibodies will be produced in the body. When a dog arrives at a new home, the change of environment will cause the dog to be nervous, eat abnormally and so on. At this time, if the dog is weak and has no antibody to some fatal diseases, it is easy to get canine distemper, parvovirus and other fatal diseases. The earliest symptoms of canine distemper are very similar to those of a cold, parvovirus is also very similar to those of ordinary diarrhea, and for breeding For novice dogs, it’s easy to ignore these diseases. When it comes to having to go to the hospital, dogs are no longer saved. So in terms of the survival rate, the answer to the question of keeping dogs from a few months is: three months later.

    2. Feeding difficulty. This is also a very practical problem. Dogs in different periods have different nutritional needs and digestive abilities. The smaller the dog is, the more he needs to eat less and more meals. Dogs in two months need to eat at least four times a day. They can’t eat too much at one time, because they don’t know how to control the amount of food. Eating too much will cause digestion Bad, diarrhea, eat less will affect its development. Three months later, the dog will eat three times a day. If you can’t come back to feed him at noon, it’s not a big problem to eat more or less. In this way, as a dog’s father or mother, you are more relaxed. You don’t have to run back to feed it at noon every day. Generally speaking, it is more difficult to feed dogs after three months.

    3. The degree of intimacy with people: Some people are more worried about how old a dog will be and how close he will be. In fact, this worry is superfluous. A dog of one or two months has a very weak memory for its owner, just like we can’t remember things when we were young. A dog is born to feel very close and dependent on the first person who has the most contact with him and gives him food to play with him. Of course, it may be difficult for an adult dog to get very close to him very soon, but for a dog of three or four months, he will soon recognize the owner, remember his name and know that he has a new home. You can rest assured.

    Tips: Look at the dog to know the big dog: for those who are preparing to keep a dog, it is also important to know the height of the dog they want to keep as an adult. If a person has “look at the old at the age of three”, the dog can also judge the size of the dog according to the height of the pup. Three or four months of puppies should be about half the height of adult dogs (personal summary for reference).

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