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    Dogs are usually fed 7-8 minutes full. Regular, fixed-point and quantitative feeding will help dogs develop good eating habits and protect their intestines and stomach. Dog vomiting is generally divided into two situations, one is unhealthy diet, dog eat too fast or too much. Another condition is when a dog gets sick and vomits. What’s the cause of puppy vomiting? Following has collated the relevant information and shared it with you.

    First of all, we should observe the vomit color.
    1. If the dog vomites food and eats it back immediately, then it will be OK. Such vomiting belongs to physiological vomiting, which is similar to ruminant vomiting. Such vomiting does not need to see a doctor.

    2. If spitting is saliva, most are esophageal problems. For example: foreign bodies in the esophagus (food stuck in the esophagus, usually bones)

    3. If the color of vomitus is transparent or white, it is gastric juice, which is the gastric acid secreted by the stomach. The most common case of such vomitus is acute gastritis. (but if it’s normal after vomiting, you can skip seeing a doctor first, just fast for 12 hours. If vomiting persists, see a doctor, because it can also be caused by a foreign body blocked in the gastrointestinal tract, or by vomiting caused by liver, kidney, or pancreatic inflammation.)

    4. If the color of vomit is yellow, yellow and green, it means that bile has been vomited out, and it is usually necessary to see a doctor for vomit of this color. Because this represents a lot of conditions, in addition to the above problems of liver, kidney and pancreas, there is also the problem of gastrointestinal ulcer.

    5. The vomit is brown, not the color of feed or food. When the color of gastric juice is brown, it means that there is bleeding in the stomach. The most common are gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

    6. If it’s bright red, don’t hesitate. It’s acute bleeding. Send it to the doctor quickly. In addition, the cause of vomiting can be preliminarily determined by the frequency of vomiting.

    After eating, a large number of normal gastric contents were vomited at one time, but no longer appeared in a short time. This situation indicates that the dog has eaten too much. 2-3 hours after eating, vomiting and retching occur. In this case, it is often acute gastric dilatation. Vomit frequently for many times until the content is completely vomited. This kind of condition, for stomach, duodenum, pancreas disease.

    If the dog is pathological vomiting, parents have no experience. Take the dog to see a doctor in time, so as not to delay the illness.

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