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    Dogs should not be alone for too long. In the past, dogs were gregarious animals, so dogs were more likely to feel lonely than those animals who were alone for a long time. So if dogs were left alone for too long, their psychology would be affected. A short period of solitude may not make the dog feel lonely, but if for some reason you do not have time to accompany the dog, often leave the belly alone at home, it is likely to cause the dog depression.

    Nowadays, in order to relieve the pressure, most people choose to raise a dog to relax the pressure, but because of the work, they don’t have too much time to accompany the dog, and the dog can’t get the care and care of the owner for a long time, which will produce a sense of loneliness in their heart. Some owners, because of their work is too tired, basically go home to wash and then fall asleep, and have little time to accompany themselves Dogs play, which makes their dogs feel very sad, for a long time may cause dogs do not want to communicate with others, serious people may have depression. And British veterinarians have found that many pets need to take antidepressants because of “separation anxiety”, otherwise they are prone to grumpy and biting. “The veterinary community has found that cats, dogs, and even birds are increasingly behaving badly, sometimes becoming aggressive, suddenly afraid, and out of control,” said knight, a professor of animal welfare and ethics at the University of Winchester He pointed out that this series of problems can be largely attributed to the “lack of social and training” of animals when they were young. There are no legal dog antidepressants in the UK, so in some cases veterinarians can only prescribe human drugs to animals. About 80% of animals in the UK are suffering from emotional disorders, according to a member of the British animal association.

    Dogs who spend as much time alone with their dogs as possible often have some nervousness. Because they seldom have the chance to contact with others, if they suddenly contact with strangers, they will feel inexplicable tension, and they seldom communicate with their owners at ordinary times, so they can hardly trust their owners 100%. If strangers want to show their kindness to them, it is likely to cause fear of dogs, because too much tension may lead to biting, running around, hiding in the corner and refusing to see people.

    Being alone for a long time will not only affect the spirit of dogs, but also not their health. Poor mood will have a great impact on the dog’s appetite. Some dogs become depressed because they are sad, and the amount of food they eat is also sharply reduced. Some dogs even lose their appetite. The dog’s body will lose weight day by day, and its physical quality will become worse and worse. Finally, the dog may die because he does not eat or drink. For some owners, they may be really busy at work, so they don’t have time to take care of the dog. However, for the sake of the dog’s health, they should consider sending the dog to others or simply not keeping the dog. Of course, if you really like dogs, you should spare some time to accompany your dogs no matter what. After all, dogs are animals that need to be accompanied and cared about. If they are left out for a long time, it will certainly not be good for their physical and mental health. So if you want to keep dogs, you should not always let them alone and give them more care and care To make dogs healthier.

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