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    Eat a lot of high-end food, rich in nutrition, but too much nutrition is really good, what harm to dog nutrition. In short, if the pet dog eats too much nutrition, it will lead to over nutrition, which will cause or cause health problems. The biggest harm of over nutrition to dogs is physical injury. Very simply, the most direct consequence of dog’s over nutrition is obesity, which will cause health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and so on.

    If dogs eat too much fat, protein, it is easy to cause kidney disease. If dogs eat too much protein, minerals, such as phosphorus, sodium and so on, it is easy to increase the risk index of kidney disease or lead to kidney disease deterioration. If the dog in pregnancy has the problem of over nutrition and obesity, it is easy to induce pregnancy hypertension, which leads to the problem of dystocia.

    To sum up, the harm of dog’s over nutrition is very obvious. The so-called “extremes of things must be reversed” doesn’t mean that the more things are, the better. Everything needs a degree. So it’s not too delicate to keep a dog. Sometimes it’s not a good thing to “taste the bitterness”.

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