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    It’s very cute for dogs to wear clothes. Nowadays, it’s a common phenomenon for dogs to wear clothes. Whether parents dress dogs for beauty or warmth, we don’t care. Following will discuss whether to dress the dog or not. What are the hazards of dressing the dog? What should I pay attention to when dressing dogs?

    First, for dogs with long hair, if they are dressed, it is very easy to cause knots in their hair during the activity. If the owner fails to comb their hair in time, it will cause skin problems.
    Second, for short haired dogs, if the clothes they wear are not suitable or the material is too hard, the clothes will rub with the dog’s skin. Over a long period of time, it is likely to cause skin diseases or allergies, hair loss, peeling and other conditions.
    Third, if the owners dress their dogs for a long time, they will gradually adapt to the change of temperature after wearing clothes. This will not only affect the growth of dogs’ hair, but also make them afraid of cold and easy to get sick.
    Fourth, if the dog is wearing chemical fiber clothes for a long time, then the dog’s fur will rub with the clothes and generate static electricity, which is easy to absorb dust. It is the dog’s hair that is soiled, and sometimes static electricity will even generate sparks.
    To sum up, it’s OK to dress a dog, but we must pay attention to the length of time and the material of the clothes. It’s not recommended to dress a dog for a long time here. In addition, we should also pay attention to that in summer, we should never dress a dog. As for winter, like Chihuahua this kind of dogs can wear clothes when they go out, but they must remember to take off when they go home, while other long haired dogs can not wear clothes.

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