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    Don’t give the dog soft candy, it can be said that the life of some dogs is better than that of people. Basically, there is no need to worry about food, clothing, housing and transportation, so all kinds of snacks are natural. In addition to cans and fruits, some owners also feed their dogs sweets. These high sugar foods are not very good for the dog’s health, so it is still necessary to control. For long haired dogs like butterfly dogs, too much sugar will also have an adverse effect on their coat.
    1. Harm to teeth: We brush our teeth almost every day, but eating too much sugar can cause tooth decay. What’s more, dogs clean their mouths much less frequently than we come here, so eating snacks with too much sugar is definitely not good for their mouths.
    2. Easy to cause depilation in dogs: Too much sugar intake can easily lead to endocrine disorders in the butterfly dogs, resulting in depilation in dogs.
    3. Easy to get fat: We should all know that too much sugar intake is easy to cause obesity. In addition, the butterfly dog itself is not a more active breed, so the probability of obesity is greatly increased. This will greatly improve the probability of dogs suffering from fatty liver, diabetes and other diseases. Usually, dogs should be fed less high sugar, high fat and high salt food. High sugar and high fat make dogs fat easily, while high salt makes dogs prone to excessive sodium ions, and it will also cause a certain burden on the excretion of kidneys.
    4. At the same time, the mineral vitamins in the body will also be unbalanced, and will directly affect the skin resistance of dogs. Dogs are too fat will bring great inconvenience to their lives, and are more likely to suffer from various diseases. In addition, once they are obese, it is a relatively long process to lose weight. Soft candy is a kind of snacks that should not be fed to dogs. Because soft candy is sticky, if swallowed directly, it can easily get stuck in the throat and other parts, resulting in discomfort to dogs.
    As for sweets like chocolate, there should be no owners to feed dogs. In a word, we can feed some sugary food to the dog, but the sugar intake should not be too high. We should also pay attention to the exercise problem of the dog at ordinary times. Even if we don’t often run, we should at least take them for a walk.

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