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    Border Collie has a very high IQ, which is the same as that of children aged 6-8 years. It ranks first in the dog IQ ranking. The Border Collie is medium-sized in body shape, but it is well proportioned and strong, with developed and compact body muscles and smooth contour. They live with passion and are passionate about work. Their movements are effortless and endurable, making the border collie the number one in the world. In the process of training, the Border Collie has a very strong ability to accept. Those simple training movements can be trained for three times at most, and it can master them well. In addition, they will take the initiative to learn the master’s actions, such as opening the door, opening the drawer and so on.

    In addition to training, Border Collies also have a lot of small cleverness. For example, after making mistakes, they will try to cover up, try not to let the owner find out, avoid the owner’s scolding and punishment, so Border Collies are very smart pet dogs. Of course, although the intelligence quotient of Border Collies ranks first in dogs, there are also differences among them. Their characters and habits when they grow up are inseparable from their owners’ postnatal rearing.

    Border originated from the Scottish border, is a dog breed with a very long history. This kind of dog has a high IQ and a strong instinct of shepherding. They are intelligent and sharp. They are more observant and can understand the owner’s instructions correctly. They are good at work and hot at work. They can shepherd. The Border Collie is also loved and appreciated by the dog lovers for its super intelligence, super learning ability, understanding ability, easy training and contact.

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