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    Dogs who have just done exercise need to help them measure their normal temperature later. The temperature of dogs with normal temperature will change in a normal range. Each dog has its own normal value, but generally it will not be lower or higher than that normal range. Generally, a normal dog’s body temperature is about 38-39 degrees. Of course, due to the influence of some external environment, a little higher or lower body temperature is normal, but if the value deviation is too large, it must be abnormal. At this time, the owner must pay more attention to the dog’s mental state and appetite.

    In the process of family dog raising, the owner should pay attention to the dog’s temperature frequently, so as to find out the change of the dog’s temperature in time, which is of great significance to know whether the dog is ill, judge its pathogenicity and infer its prognosis. When measuring the dog’s temperature, we should master the correct method, otherwise it is easy to cause inaccurate measurement value and even damage the dog. Taking a dog’s temperature is a measure of rectal temperature, because the temperature at this location is relatively accurate. When measuring the dog’s body temperature, we should first shake the mercury in the thermometer to below 35 degC, then disinfect the thermometer, and wipe it with a cotton ball dipped in normal saline or alcohol. Next, keep the dog still. Then lift the dog’s tail with your left hand and expose the anus. Insert the thermometer into the anus gently with your right hand at a depth of 4-5cm. Take it out after about 3 minutes. Wipe it with a cotton ball and read the temperature. Generally, if the temperature is 0.2 degC higher or lower than the normal temperature, you don’t need to worry too much. We can record the result of temperature measurement, take it twice a day, connect these temperature numbers, and form a curve on a special thermometer, which is called heat curve. The shape of the heat curve can reflect the disease of the dog.

    A little deviation of body temperature due to the influence of environment belongs to the normal situation.
    1. Residual fever: High fever lasts for more than 3 days, and the temperature difference is within 1 degree, which is common in pneumonia.
    2. Diastolic fever: This kind of body temperature changes greatly. The temperature difference is more than 1 degree per day without falling to normal temperature. It can be seen in bronchopneumonia and septicemia.
    3. Intermittent fever: Fever and non fever alternate, which can be seen in Sporidiosis and trypanosomiasis.
    4. Indefinite heat: The duration of fever is indefinite, and the change is irregular. Moreover, the temperature difference of body temperature is not big sometimes, and sometimes there is a huge fluctuation. This type of heat can be seen in many atypical diseases, such as exudative pleurisy. We need to pay more attention to the low temperature than the high temperature, because this temperature reflects the dog’s condition is very bad, which can be seen in postpartum paralysis, shock, collapse, extreme weakness or disease development to the most dangerous period of near death. It is very important to measure the dog’s temperature. For example, when we vaccinate the dog, many hospitals will first measure the dog’s temperature. This is because the vaccine is only suitable for injection when the dog is healthy. If the dog is injected rashly, it will cause adverse effects on the dog. In addition, body temperature is also an important basis to reflect the dog’s health. Whether the temperature is high or low, it indicates that the dog’s health is not ideal at this time.

    In addition, when measuring the temperature of dogs, we should pay attention to that if dogs run for a long time or do a lot of exercise before measuring the temperature, they should take a rest for a while first, because if the temperature is measured for dogs at this time, their temperature is bound to be high, so the measured temperature is not correct, so it can not reflect the dog’s temperature very well health.

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