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    Many parents suddenly find that their dogs can’t walk. If they can’t walk, parents should first observe whether there is any damage on the dog’s body or leg. There are also footpads. Are there wounds, or foreign bodies like glass or stone. What’s the reason why Alaska can’t walk?

    If any foreign body is found, the foreign body shall be taken out first, and the wound shall be cleaned at the same time. Use some hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound. If there is bleeding, take some anti-inflammatory medicine for the dog, and keep the paw dry at any time. Try to make the dog walk less in this period of time. The environment shall also be disinfected and kept clean frequently, and then it will be cleaned in a period of time okay.

    If there is no trauma after the examination, calcium deficiency is likely to occur. At ordinary times, we can observe whether there is loss of appetite or dyspepsia. It also depends on its growth rate. If it is much slower than the normal growth rate, it is necessary to supplement the calcium content properly. There are also joint deformation or limping, which are the manifestations of calcium deficiency. We should not only supplement calcium, but also add some vitamins. In addition, the diet should not be too single, and the food should be rich. You can also drink some bone soup properly. Remember to keep your weight, not too fat, so that you can recover quickly.

    The last point is that parents should pay attention to whether the dog has been out alone in the past two days, or not in their own sight. If there is such a situation, parents are advised to check the monitoring near the community to see if the dog has been beaten by others. If so, they should be sent to a doctor in time to avoid affecting the dog’s walking in the future.

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