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    We know that a dog has a beard. Is the beard a decoration? What’s the point? Have you ever thought about these problems?

    A dog’s beard is like a radar. It can recognize and sense objects. It is not only a decoration, but also a special sense organ for dogs. There are very fine nerves at the root of the beard, which can be felt by touching the object a little. So some people compare it to the antennae of a snail, which has the function of radar.

    There are a lot of nerves in the root of a dog’s beard. No matter what happens to the beard, it can cause sensitive reactions. When the dog is walking in the dark or on the narrow road, he will twitch his beard slightly, so as to detect the width of the road and facilitate the accurate free movement. The beard is proportional to the length of the dog’s body. In addition, the beard can help the dog to find the target and has the function of smell. The study found that in the process of normal growth, the beard of a dog grows at the same time according to the growth proportion of the body. So, in normal life, don’t always think of pulling out the dog’s beard, and don’t play with the dog’s beard because of curiosity. For dogs, beard is one of the most important organs of the body. Without beard, the daily life of dogs will be seriously affected.

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